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OİS Privacy Policy


Unless you provide additional information when browsing the website, OIS only collects non-personal information as  follows:

-Domain name and browser type and version you use to access the internet

-The IP address of your computer

-Date and the time you visit the site

-The pages you visit

If you register to the website, do any transaction or get a service; OIS could demand more information. Generally without any restriction, it consists your name, mail address and phone number. When you buy a product or receive a service from OIS, you have to fill registration form or sign in with your name. In order to fulfill your demand, your personal information might be used in purpose of advertisement and logistics. These information might consist your personal information about your relationship with OIS. Also, these information might consist type of credit card, credit card number, and date of expiry and other information in order to receive service or to buy product through website.

When you use the website, you let OIS to gather and use your information in any legal purposes in order to fulfill all the transactions you demand, and reveal those transactions and information details to OIS committee, board and/or any establishment doing the transaction of payment. Due to nature of the internet, your data might be transmitted through any country.

Ois could send you special offer or information materials through record monitor or cookies. Ois could inform you about new products or services, special offers or other information you might be interested in. Ois will not send any information if you notify that you don’t want to get these kind of materials.

Unless indicated otherwise by İşbu Privacy Policy, none of your information will be revealed to any kind of establishment, paying agency but Ois unless a legal authority demands so.

Within the fairness scope of Ois, Ois reserves the right to reveal the information gained through website, if it is considered necessary in order to obey United States of America Federal Government law or New Jersey State law, or other people’s rights, protection of property and safety.


When you visit the website, Ois places a recorder called “cookie” on your computer’s browser index located in your hard drive. Cookie is a group of information that can be stored on your web browser and later can be retrieved by a website. Generally these information are temporary and deleted after you left the site and turn off your browser. Session cookies are only used in purpose of having a productive interaction between website and you. In these circumstances, informing is done clearly and user can choose to not use it. Cookies only perceive the information that you give willingly to the website, and help you to determine which parts of the website match your needs. Ois cookies are not used to view your previous or later surfing behaviors.


External Links

In this website, links are given to third party websites not under the control of Ois. Ois’s Privacy Policy does not apply for any website’s application, policy or content that are connected to Ois website or linked through it. Ois doesn’t make any commitment about websites get accessed through Ois. If you enter to any website other than Ois, you perform it under your own risk. Ois is not responsible for any information, product, software, view, data, suggestion, content and declaration or credibility given by third party websites. Ois gives the link of third party websites to completely bring easiness for you and adding these links doesn’t mean Ois approves using these websites, suggests nor takes any responsibility about these. (Disclaimer) Ois, Ois will take trading precautions to avoid information abuse. However, Ois doesn’t make a commitment to ensure information abuse without our control nor revealing to third parties. Ois will have no responsibility of this kind of abusing or revealing.

Additional Infromation

In conditions of thinking Ois is not applying Privacy Policy(1), asking to change the information you give to Ois(2), thinking what Ois’s records are wrong(3) or asking to delete your information in Ois system(4); send e-mail to info@ois.com.tr and Ois will do anything to determine the problem and fix it.

Ois can change the Privacy Policy depending upon its own appreciation without informing. Your usage of website will be liable to most current Privacy Policy during usage.

 Visitors are liable to this Privacy Policy and Term of Use, and it is suggested to read it entirely.