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OİS Drone Hunter 360 OİS Drone Hunter 360 OİS Drone Hunter 360

OİS Drone Hunter 360

Model : OİS Drone Hunter 360
Product Group : Drone Hunter
Protection Angle : 360° Circuler Protection
Protection Zone : Radius(r) 2000 meters
Blunt and Mix : L1GPS Frequency(1575 Mhz), 5.8Ghz Video and Telemetry Frequency
Power Input : 220 V AC
Power on GPS Frequency : 50 Watt
Power on 2.4 Ghz tape : 60 Watt
 Power on 5 Ghz tape   15 Watt
Operating Environment   +50 -40 Degree
Protection Class   IP 66
Raw Material of Body   Metal alloy
Color of Body   Special order, all colors
Connection Apparatus   Apparatus to be mounted on ground
Device Cooling Tecnique   Passive and active fan
Device Sar Value   European standard
Control   Remote or software
Weight   29 Kg
Width   500 mm
Length   370mm
Height   650 mm
Mounting Area   Rooftop, flat surface or top of a vehicle
Operating Humidity Environment   <90% RH
Guarantee   2 years
Production Site   Turkey